How to Extend a Tree Pruner


Tree pruners are used to trim off branches that have become diseased or died. They are also used to shape trees or remove problem branches, such as branches that are weak or grow the wrong direction or rub against other branches. An extending tree pruner telescopes to reach limbs that aren't possible to reach from the ground otherwise. With a small saw blade on the end, an extending pruner easily removes llimbs to create a healthier or more shapely tree.

Step 1

Open the blade and tighten it in place. Most pruners have a blade that folds in when not in use so that no one gets hurt by the blade when it isn't being used. Tighten the bolt once you open the blade so that the blade is ready for cutting.

Step 2

Put one hand on the pole section below the blade and one hand on the other end, and twist the pole sections in opposite directions to loosen them.

Step 3

Pull the pole sections apart. One section will slide out of the other. The pole is telescoping. If a third section comes out of the center, you can loosen it as well in the same manner.

Step 4

Pull the third section out to extend it, if there is one, after you loosen it.

Step 5

Tighten the pole once you have it the length that you want, so that it stays in the extended position. Tighten by twisting the pole sections in the opposite direction than you did to loosen it.


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