Garden Decoration Tips

Use garden decorations to fill in bare areas while adding a personal touch to the landscape. Even something as seemingly simple as a garden gnome requires occasional care, such as cleaning or resealing. Tips on proper placement, care and what to choose is helpful when deciding on garden decor.

Choose Weatherproof Decorations

Purchase garden items that will withstand all sorts of weather. Once of the most damaging elements is the sun, its rays will make everything from plastic to paint degrade over time. Treat thin, rust-prone metals with weather-resistant finishes to ensure the longest life possible. All garden items, like statuary, should be cleaned, resealed--or both--at least once a year. Do this in late fall when cleaning the gardens of dead foliage for winter.

Choose Safe Decorations

Avoid purchasing items stained with old motor oil (a common practice in rural areas) or other harmful preservative finishes. Decorations need to offer the least amount of danger as possible. Pond ornaments should have fish-safe paints and not topple over when bumped. Placement of any ornament should not aid raccoons, king fishers or any other predators in catching your fish. Good garden decor will offer animals like bats, ladybugs and fish hiding places without the danger of becoming stuck, impaled or injured in any way on sharp edges and in holes.

Proper Placement and Ideas

Use brightly colored ornaments in dark areas for added "pop." Mirrors will aid in brightening shaded corners, they are also good at creating the illusion of larger garden spaces. Place potentially dangerous items, such as glass, away from children and pets as they may knock them over, injuring themselves. Hang wind chimes and other dangling items in protected places so they will not hit the sides of houses, trees or other obstacles. Hanging these ornaments in accessible areas makes taking them down for winter storage easier.

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