How to Plant Chilli Seeds


Chilli pepper can be grown at home from seeds. When you purchase the chilli seeds you may find the word spelled either chili, chilli or chile. According to Tropical Permaculture, chilli is the spelling used in Australia and New Zealand. Chilli seeds are not hard to grow, but you do need to pay attention to certain details to make sure the chilli seeds germinate. Without germination, you will not be able to produce chilli peppers.

Step 1

Fill a bucket with water and let the water sit out for 24 hours. This will remove any chlorine that may be in the water that would be harmful to your chilli seeds.

Step 2

Fill a rectangular flower pot with a potting medium. It is best to germinate the seeds indoors and then transplant them outdoors.

Step 3

Place your chilli seeds 1/4 inch deep into the potting medium. Cover them back up with soil. Make sure the seeds are spaced 1/2 inch apart.

Step 4

Pour the water from your bucket into the rectangular flower pot. Only use enough to make the soil moist--not soaked. Then cover the pot with plastic wrap and keep it in a location that is above 75 degrees F. This is the ideal temperature for germination.

Step 5

Keep the soil moist and the plastic over the pot for eight weeks. The seeds will have come up by then and you can then remove the plastic.

Step 6

Choose a location in your garden for planting your germinated chilli seeds. It should be a spot that gets a good amount of sunlight each day.

Step 7

Loosen the soil in your garden and apply a fertilizer. Chilli Farm recommends using a 15-15-15 fertilizer. Then transplant the chilli plants to the garden. Of course, you can continue to grow them indoors and just transplant them to larger pots.

Step 8

Keep your soil moist. Chilli plants need a lot of water. You will also want to make sure you fertilize your chilli plants once a month during the growing season.

Step 9

Stake your chilli plants if they become too top heavy. Keep in mind that the root system of a chilli plant is quite small, which makes it less able to support a larger chilli plant. A simple stake will do the trick.

Tips and Warnings

  • The ground temperature should be 65 degrees F before you transplant the chilli plants from their indoor pots.

Things You'll Need

  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Rectangular pot
  • Potting medium
  • Plastic wrap
  • 15-15-15 fertilizer
  • Stake


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