How to Propagate Succulent Plants


Succulent plants retain moisture in the stems and leaves for long periods. Succulent plants make great specimens for both indoor and outdoor settings, since the care required is minimal. Succulent plants come in numerous varieties and sizes to fit with any type of décor. Growing succulent plants from cuttings is one of the "most simple techniques of propagation," according to the University of Arizona. Use cuttings from vigorous succulent plants to grow healthy new plants.

Step 1

Plan to propagate succulent plants during the growing season.

Step 2

Obtain offsets, pups or babies from succulent plants that produce them. Otherwise, cut off small sections of a healthy succulent plant (at a joint in the stem, if present) a few inches long to create succulent cuttings.

Step 3

Allow succulent cuttings to air dry for several days to prevent rotting. This could take as little as one day to as long as two weeks, depending on the size of the cut made. Allow a callus to form at the cut.

Step 4

Use containers with drainage holes. Cover the holes with mesh or coffee filter to keep your growing medium in the pot. Fill containers or pots with cacti soil or similar mixture.

Step 5

Create a hole in the soil the same diameter of the cutting, using your finger. Insert about 1/3 of the succulent cutting in the soil.

Step 6

Press the soil around the succulent to support the cutting. Do not water the cutting for a week, and then water sparingly, suggest the Texas A&M University.

Things You'll Need

  • Container
  • Mesh
  • Cacti mix
  • Knife
  • Water


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