What Vegetables Can I Grow in Containers?

For gardeners with very little space, container gardening may be the best method to use when growing vegetables. Container gardening allows the gardener complete control over what kind of soil and nutrients are available. Container vegetables can be grown using regular seeds or seedlings, or you can choose smaller varieties developed especially for smaller spaces. Both types of plants will produce full-sized vegetables.


Carrots can be grown very successfully in containers, as they do not spread out into a large area while they are growing. Plant carrot seeds about 1 inch apart and cover them with a scant 1/4 inch of soil. Thin the plants to 3 inches apart when they are 2 inches tall. Carrots don't need spaces between rows in containers, so plant them in a grid pattern. The leafy tops make an attractive plant for patios, and the sweet carrots can be harvested in two or three months.


Tomatoes are a very popular vegetable for the home gardener, and container gardeners don't have to be left out. Regular tomato varieties such as Beefsteak can be grown in large planters with a trellis installed. Tie the tomato stems to the trellis to keep the plant upright during the growing season. Grow smaller plants like Patio Hybrid or Bushsteak in smaller containers. These plants will produce full-sized veggies, but the vines will stay smaller and more controlled.


Peas are one of the earliest crops that you can harvest, and they do well in containers. Plant the seeds about 3 inches apart, and cover with 2 inches of potting soil. Keep the planters in a sunny spot away from high winds. Push some sticks into the soil for trellises so that the pea vines can climb up, away from the soil. Choose a smaller type of pea plant like one of the bush peas for a more compact container. Pick your fresh peas about three weeks after the vines flower, and pick them every day to have the freshest taste.

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