Uses of Vinca Major

Vinca major is a perennial evergreen vine that will remain shiny and green all year round with little maintenance. During spring and summer, vinca major, also known as periwinkle, will provide true blue flowers that will bloom in spring and last into the summer. Vinca major is a versatile plant that will thrive in nearly any soil type and will tolerate either bright sunlight or partial shade. The vine is a speedy grower and isn't always suitable for small spaces or flower beds. Plant vinca major where it can spread freely.

Ground Cover

Vinca major makes an effective ground cover and will help to control erosion on difficult slopes and hillsides. As the stems make contact with the soil, they take root, enabling the vine to spread quickly. Especially effective on shady slopes, vinca major will also grow on sunny hillsides in cool northern climates but won't do well in direct, hot sunshine. Although it might be difficult on a steep hillside, vinca major will benefit from an early spring mowing every four to six years to maintain vigorous growth.

Dappled Shade

Plant vinca major to add a cheery spot of color under tall trees because vinca will do well in dappled shade that filters through the branches. Because vinca major grows fairly loosely and doesn't form a dense mat, spring blooming bulbs such as daffodils or tulips can be planted along with vinca and will poke their heads up through the bright green vines. Spring bulbs do especially well under deciduous trees that offer early spring sunlight before the leaves appear.

Hanging Baskets

Plant vinca major in a hanging basket or a patio container filled with regular potting soil, and the glossy green vines will cascade freely over the sides of the pot. Place the container in semi-shade and combine the periwinkle blue of vinca with colorful trailing geraniums, lobelia or petunias and you'll have color all summer long. Check the container often during warm weather because potting soil in containers will dry quickly. Be sure to plant vinca in a container with a drainage hole in the bottom.

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