Walled Garden Ideas

A walled garden is a sanctuary from the troubles of the world. The outdoor room, filled densely with greenery, is often the perfect environment to curl up with a book, catch up with an old friend or just sit and think some things through. Experiment with your walled garden until you design the perfect space for you.


The Chicago Botanic Garden recommends dividing your garden into separate spaces, each with a different theme or mood all its own. Use hardscape elements such as columns and walls, tall hedges and other barrier plants, trellises wound with vines and other barriers to mark off boundaries in your garden. Use hardscape items for multiple purposes. For example, a bench provides a nice resting place. With a small tree behind it, however, it also forms a good garden barrier.

Edible Garden

The still air of a walled garden can really concentrate the aroma of growing things. Tantalize your appetite with the scents of an edible garden. Plant herbs such as basil, thyme, mint and sage around the edges where they will produce a lot of fragrance without taking up much room. Plant cherry tomatoes, blackberries or grapes to dangle tantalizingly from the walls of the garden and plant hardy greens, beans, cucumbers and other veggies near the middle. Just sitting in such a garden might inspire you with inventive new ideas for dinner.


Blend the boundaries between indoors and outdoors with a walled garden attached to your house. Enclose the garden on three sides with walls and attach it to the house on the fourth with a sliding door. Place potted plants that match the fauna of your garden inside the door and decorate your living room with color that complements the color of the garden walls. Place a bench near the door on the garden side and a small bookshelf or end table just inside the room so that, when you open the door, you can sit in the garden and peruse your books comfortably.

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