Planting Instructions for a Bing Cherry Dwarf Tree


A Bing cherry is one of the most delicious fruits, but the Bing cherry tree can get very tall, making cherry picking pretty tough. One way to get around this problem is to plant a dwarf Bing cherry tree. Within a few years, you will have cherries but on a tree that only grows about 8 feet tall. A dwarf Bing cherry tree might not grow as many cherries as a full-size tree, but the convenience of being able to prune the branches and pick the fruit without a ladder will make up for the loss. You should plant in early spring before the buds swell.

Step 1

Set the dwarf Bing cherry tree into a large container of water, so that the roots have a chance to soak up the water. If you purchased a bare root tree, it is especially important that the tree be hydrated for 24 hours before planting to make sure none of the roots dried out.

Step 2

Dig the hole for your tree at least twice as wide as the root ball and the same depth. Don't add fertilizer to the hole, but check the quality of the soil. If the ground is heavy with clay, dig a larger hole and add organic matter like humus to the soil removed from the hole, to help with the drainage. Place enough soil back in so that the tree will still be at ground level when planted.

Step 3

Set the dwarf cherry tree into the hole, spreading the roots out and holding the trunk plumb. Fill the soil back into the hole, tamping it down as you go until the hole is filled in. Make sure the graft union between the rootstock and the scion is not covered. Press the soil down well with the heel of your shoe, around the base of the tree.

Step 4

Water around the base of the tree with about 1 inch of water. This will help settle the soil in around the roots, eliminating the chance of air pockets around the roots. If the soil settles more than 1 or 2 inches, add more soil to bring it back up to ground level. Water the tree every day until you see the buds open. Keep a close eye on the moisture of the soil for the first year and make sure it never dries out.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel


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