Tools for Weeding a Garden

Part of the joy of gardening lies in the maintenance. Most gardens contain some kind of nuisance plant. The removal of these plants keeps the gardener busy throughout the growing season. Tools for weeding a garden include a variety of items to make the task easier on your hands and back. Tools include hand-held models as well as motor-driven tillers to cultivate larger areas of the garden.

Dandelion Fork

This nifty tool is specifically designed to tackle annoying upright weeds. Named after the mother of all weeds, the dandelion fork features a long metal stem with a V-shaped end. Gardeners use the dandelion fork by placing the tines in the soil next to the plant. Slip the center weed stem into the blade and lift upward to pop the weed from the soil.

Hand Trowel, Hoe and Rake

Hand trowels, hoes and rakes work perfectly for close-in weed cultivation around existing ornamental plants. Hand trowels are small shovels with either pointed or rounded blades. Hand-held hoes feature the traditional 90-degree angled blade with a sharp edge for cutting into the soil to strip weeds from topsoil layers. Hand rakes usually feature three widely spaced tines that capture taller weeds for easy removal.


The long-handled hoe is the gardener's best friend. This tool allows cultivation without bending. Hoes come in a wide array of styles. All feature long handles and a sharp blade for scraping the soil. Standard hoes have a flat blade placed at a right angle to the long handle and work on the pull motion to remove weeds. A scuffle hoe is a type of push hoe that has a flat blade with an open center. Stirrup hoes feature sharp blades shaped like a stirrup. The choice of hoe is a personal preference depending entirely on the gardener. Diamond blade hoes feature an elongated diamond situated perpendicular to the handle. The sharp points of the diamond hoe allow the gardener to focus directly on deep weeds for individual removal.


Rakes come in many varieties for different weeding tasks. Bow rakes feature wide teeth spaced along a metal frame. The teeth bite into the soil surface for weed removal. Bow rakes also offer versatility with other uses such as gathering leaves and spreading mulch. In a pinch, a leaf rake can be used to remove weeds from loose soil. The flexible metal tines make collecting piles of weeds an easy task.

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