Flower Gardening Supplies and Tips

Flower gardening is a rewarding and pleasant hobby. The garden looks lovely and there are fresh flowers for bouquets and arrangements. There are times however, when a few tricks and tips make the boring chores a snap. Not many gardeners like to deadhead flowers or stake them. Having the right supplies on hand saves time and aggravation.

Homemade Compost Bin

Make your own compost bin. Poke holes with an electric drill into the sides of a vinyl 30-gallon garbage can with lid. Fill the bottom of the can with a 6-inch layer of twigs. Fill the can with alternating layers of brown materials---such as shredded newspapers, dried leaves and dead plants---and green material---such as grass clippings and kitchen waste like vegetable and fruit peelings.

Flower Maintenance Bucket

Assemble the tools you'll need for trimming, deadheading and staking flowers in one place. You'll need twine, flexible tape, scissors, plastic grocery bags, garbage bags and a bucket. Put the tools in the bucket to tote along with you. Deadheading, or removing spent flowers, encourages plants to keep producing blooms rather than spending energy on seed production. Staking flowers before they flop over helps them grow straight right from the beginning. You won't neglect these chores if your tools are all in one place.


Even if you're not a writer, keep a journal of your flower garden. A plain three-ring notebook works just fine. Jot down when you planted new flowers or seeds. Save the front of the seed packages and tape them to a page in your journal. Make a note of how they performed. It's easy to know when to fertilize if you write the dates in your journal.


Photograph the flower garden every few weeks throughout the growing season. You'll remember exactly where you planted the tulip bulbs and won't accidentally dig them up when you're planting new day lilies. It's fun to look at how the peach tree went from blossoms to loaded with peaches. When you're planning new flower beds, it's easy to see what colors you used in your spring garden even if it's now early fall.

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