Flowers for Container Gardens

Creating a container garden is an ideal choice if you have limited space or poor soil. Container gardening is also the perfect option for renters who cannot or do not wish to make permanent plantings in the ground. Containers can be moved to various locations according to personal choice and can be placed on patios or grouped near seating areas in your yard. Hanging containers can be added for trailing plants.

Cranesbill (Geranium)

The perennial Cranesbill is a great choice for container gardens. This plant likes the sun, but it will grow well in partial shade. Cranesbill varieties can be found in colors of soft pink, lavender-blue or white. Cranesbill spreads easily and will return year after year. Blooms usually occur during the late spring and into the summer months depending upon the planting zone.

Coral Bells or Coral Flower (Heuchera sanguinea)

Coral flower has evergreen foliage that can be found in colors of dark green, dark chocolate-colored red-purple, gray and white flecked. The plant will send up spikes of flowers that will range in colors, most commonly white, pink or red. It flowers through most of the summer and into the early fall. Spent flowers should be removed to keep the plant looking tidy. Coral flower prefers full sun but will also tolerate some shade.

Bedding Dahlia

Bedding dahlias are low-growing (12 inches) hardy annuals that are great additions to a container garden. They need full sunlight, and when grown in a container, they need a multipurpose compost mixture that includes slow-release fertilizer granules for best growth throughout the summer months. Bedding dahlias will usually have blooms from late spring/early summer through early fall.


Petunias are a traditional favorite annual that will provide color throughout the summer while attracting butterflies and bees. Petunias should be kept out of the wind as they can be damaged easily. They do best in sunny spots and are excellent choices for beds and containers. To keep the plant flowering continuously and encourage new growth, pick off dead flowers and cut or pinch off the seed head that has started to form. Mixing petunias into a container with other flowers can create a striking display.


Fuchsia is a gorgeous addition to any container garden. The plant will trail and drape over the edges of a container creating an aesthetically-pleasing display of color and interest. Fuchsia is especially beautiful in a hanging pot. Fuchsia is a favorite of hummingbirds, which are attracted to the bright-colored blooms. This plant grows best in partial shade.

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