How to Find a Little Seed Plant in the Ground


Looking for little seed plants is easy and can be a great learning experience for kids about how plants grow. Most seeds begin to grow into tiny little seed plants in the spring, although they can begin to grow throughout the summer and fall before temperatures begin to drop below freezing. Although weeds are technically plants, it is the wanted and desired plants that you are most likely looking for, so keep a few things in mind to tell the difference between those plants and weeds.

Step 1

Look in your garden where plants were grown previously, bare spaces and in windy areas where seeds may have been carried. Also, look in areas where the soil has been cultivated in the past two to three years with organic matter and fertilizer. This is where little seed plants are most likely growing.

Step 2

Wait approximately five to 14 days after a rainy day when daytime temperatures are at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit and nighttime temperatures are above freezing. This is about when many seeds begin to sprout.

Step 3

Notice which plants sprouted first. Weeds usually germinate and grow before other (wanted) plants do.

Step 4

Observe how fast the seed plants are growing. In general, weeds grow taller and faster than wanted plants.


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