How to Kill Creeping Charlie in the Lawn


Creeping charlie is a perennial weed that grows low to the ground. It is mostly found in areas of the lawn that lack sun exposure, as well as areas that tend to stay moist. Creeping charlie plants are also called ground ivy, and they have dark green leaves with tiny blue or purple flowers. If you have creeping charlie on your property, you will want to get rid of it. It is a strong weed that will grow continually if you let it.

Step 1

Put on a pair of garden gloves and some long clothing. You are going to get dirty, and you will need to protect your hands from cuts as you pull on the creeping charlie.

Step 2

Use a dethatching rake to pull the creeping charlie out of the ground. This method is best if you only have a small infestation of ground ivy. You can bag your creeping charlie and set it out with your trash on trash day.

Step 3

Use an herbicide that contains the active ingredients 2,4-D and MCPP for larger infestations of creeping charlie. Make sure you read the product label to see how to properly mix the herbicide with water.

Step 4

Spray the herbicide on the creeping charlie's leaves and on the soil underneath the leaves. It is best to do this when the wind is less than 10 mph. Otherwise, the spray may drift onto some plants that you want to keep.

Step 5

Give the creeping charlie a few days to die, and then dig it up. Make sure you get the roots. Bag the dead creeping charlie and set it out with the trash.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden gloves
  • Long clothing
  • Dethatching rake
  • Herbicide
  • Shovel


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