How to Grow a Plant Inside


Outdoor plants depend upon nature to supply many of the components necessary for survival. To grow a plant inside, the gardener is responsible for meeting all the needs of the plant. Plants require light, a quality growing medium, air and water. Not every space in the home can provide all these requirements for every plant. Successfully growing a plant inside requires thought and planning, from lighting needs to fertilization. Certain plants also need high humidity levels for optimum growth.

Step 1

Determine what type and size of plant you want to grow inside. Choose low growing or vining varieties for window sills or cabinets and tall plants or trees for larger spaces.

Step 2

Study the growing requirements for the plant you selected. Determine how much light and water are needed for a healthy plant. Check for any special requirements, such as humidity levels, periods of darkness for flowering or other details.

Step 3

Set up the area for the plant by installing a grow light, if necessary. Create a humid environment by filling a tray with pebbles and water on which the plant can sit.

Step 4

Maintain a healthy environment for the plant by watering once a week and fertilizing according to package directions. Prune off any dead or dying leaves as they occur. During winter months, mist the plant on a daily basis to add moisture to the air.

Step 5

Keep the plant safe and healthy by avoiding extreme changes in temperature. Avoid growing an inside plant close to open doors or windows.

Tips and Warnings

  • Overwatering causes many plants' leaves to turn brown. This is often mistaken for a lack of water. Always check before watering. Too much fertilizer can produce brown leaves as well.

Things You'll Need

  • Grow light (optional)
  • Waterproof tray (optional)
  • Pebbles (optional)
  • Indoor plant fertilizer
  • Pruning shears or sharp knife
  • Spray bottle of water


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