Vegetable Plants for Containers

Container-grown vegetables provide gardeners who have little or no yard space the pleasure and money-saving opportunity of harvesting vegetables at home. Choose any sunny location on a patio, balcony or deck, or in the yard for your container vegetable garden. The selected plants will dictate what size of container. Containers for vegetable plants need drainage holes and may need to be watered as frequently as daily.

Root Vegetables

Onions, carrots and radishes all mature under the soil surface. Radishes need as little as 6 inches of soil to grow. Radish varieties like 'Early Scarlet' and 'Burpee White' are good choices for containers. Carrots and onions need only 10 inches of soil to grow. Try 'Little Finger' or 'Baby Spike' varieties of carrots, or 'Japanese Bunching' or 'Beltsville Bunching' for onions.

Bush Vegetables

Bushy vegetable plants like the 'Tom Thumb' or 'Little Gem' varieties of lettuce, and any variety of spinach can grow in a container as shallow as 6 inches, making them suitable vegetable plants for a window box. Grow bush bean varieties like 'Romano' or 'Blue Lake' in a container at least 10 inches deep. Any variety of peppers, including red, green, yellow or orange can be grown in a container at least 16 inches deep. Dwarf varieties of tomatoes, like 'Tiny Tim' or 'Small Fry' grow in a container as shallow as 12 inches and will benefit from a stake to support the main stem. Dwarf tomatoes can grow in hanging containers.

Vine Vegetables

Vegetables that vine need a container deep enough for their roots and wide enough to include a wire cage or other support. Grow pea varieties like 'Sugar Bon' or 'Early Patio' in a container at least 12 inches deep. Grow eggplant varieties like 'Bambino' or 'Millionaire,' or cucumber varieties like 'Fanfare' or 'Burpee Hybrid' in a container at least 16 inch deep. Suitable summer squash varieties include 'Peter Pan' and 'Early Yellow Summer,' which need a container at least 24 inches deep.

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