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Many gardeners say goodbye to their summer flowers when autumn arrives, but the end of summer doesn't have to mean closing down a flower garden. Flowers that bloom in the fall can produce attractive blooms, just as summer ones do.Thanks to autumn flowers, gardeners can continue to enjoy colorful blooms. Autumn flowers can keep growing until December, according to


Alliums are fall plants that grows erect, somewhat like a tulip or daffodil. They have exceptionally thin stems that end in puffballs of colorful flowers. Plant allium bulbs in well-drained soil where they can receive full sun. Although they need watering and some fertilizer, they're extremely easy plants to grow. Besides drawing attention to a garden, alliums are also used in dried floral arrangements.


Dahlias are attention-getting autumn flowers that range in size from small single flowers to large flashy dinner-plate size varieties. Even with little care, showy dahlia blooms can make a stunning display in a garden until the first frost. They should be planted in sunny areas, with well-drained, rich soil that has a pH of about 6.5, according to Ohio State University Extension. After the first frost, lift them out of the soil.


Asters are typical autumn flowers often used as borders in flowerbeds. Their flowers and petals are star-shaped, deriving their name from the Greek word meaning "star." Best points out there are more than 600 aster varieties, resulting in a wide range of aster colors. They're hardy flowers that grow in all growing zones. Varieties such as A. ericoides and A. novae-angliae perform extremely well as late-season bloomers.


Chrysanthemums, also called mums or chrysanths, come in roughly 30 or more varieties. Native flowers of Europe and Asia, wild chrysanthemums come in colors that include yellow, white and pink. These perennials grow almost 5 feet (about 150 cm) tall. The larvae of certain Lepidoptera insect species use chrysanthemums as a food source.


The carnation (Dianthus) is a perennial flower that originated from the Mediterranean area. It's Ohio's state flower and Spain's national flower. Carnations have gray-green or blue-green foliage with blooms that are white, red, yellow or green. They should be planted in full sun in slightly alkaline soil that's well-drained. Carnation blooms last for up to eight weeks on stems and can even survive for a long time after stems have been cut.

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