What Plants Bloom in Winter?

Flower beds can display colorful fragrant flowers and shrubs during the long, cold winter. Some shrubs and perennials bloom and are able to thrive during January and February. Plant flowers and bulbs in the early autumn to enjoy a variety of colors to brighten up a bleak winter season.


Chimonanthus praecox, also known as winter fragrant wintersweet, requires a sunny to light shaded area and soil with efficient drainage. The wintersweet grows to a short height of 10 to 15 inches. The waxy cuplike flowers are fragrant and produce a yellow to white color with a purple center during the winter season through early spring. After the wintersweet has finished flowering, it may be pruned to increase blooming.


Sweetbox (Sarcococca) is a small and scented evergreen shrub that blooms fragrant flowers from February through April. It produces a sweet-smelling cream white flower with tubularlike petals and full foliage. During autumn, the flowers sprout into small non-edible black round berries.The sweetbox is used for ground cover and can spread over a 3-foot area. It must be grown in a partial to fully shaded area in well-drained acidic soil. If it is exposed to too much sun, the foliage will burn. The evergreen ground cover will grow up to 2 feet high.


Hellebores, or Christmas roses, are an evergreen plant that thrives in nutrient-rich soil and produces flowers during winter. It prefers a shady area often under trees or tall shrubs. It blooms red, black, green, purple and white flowers and grows up to 2 feet high. Its growing season is short, lasting only four to five months. The Christmas rose is poisonous to livestock

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