How to Plant in Strawberry Pots


Strawberry plants grow well in a container where the water and nutrient applications are controlled. A strawberry pot is an urn-shaped container with multiple openings along the sides where strawberry plants grow. The container allows room for the strawberry plant runners to hang out of the holes without becoming crowded. Planting in a strawberry pot creates a small fruit garden for areas where space is limited. Choose annual strawberry varieties and replant the container each year for best results with fruit production.

Step 1

Cover the bottom drainage holes in the strawberry container with a piece of wire mesh or stones. This will prevent the soil from leaching out of the container while watering the plants.

Step 2

Fill the container with a well-draining potting soil up to the first set of holes. Pack the soil lightly to settle the soil and remove air pockets.

Step 3

Place the roots of the strawberry plant into the hole so the crown is at the edge of the hole. Tamp the soil around the roots, making sure to keep the crown above the soil. Plant the remaining holes on the lowest level in the same manner.

Step 4

Fill the container with soil to the second set of holes and tamp to settle the soil and remove air pockets. Place the strawberry plants in the holes using the same method as Step 3. Plant all remaining holes in the strawberry container using the same method.

Step 5

Plant two to three large strawberry plants in the top hole of the strawberry container. Tamp the soil around the plant, making sure the crowns remain above the soil.

Step 6

Fill sphagnum moss in the holes around the strawberry plants to prevent soil from leaching out of the holes during watering. This will also increase moisture retention between water applications.

Step 7

Water the strawberry container after planting until water runs out the bottom drainage holes. Apply water to the soil each day during the summer growing season when there is not rainfall.

Step 8

Place the strawberry container on top of wood blocks to assist keeping the drainage holes open and prevent the soil from saturating with water.

Step 9

Fertilize the strawberry container with a high-potassium fertilizer once the first set of blossoms appear on the plants. Continue to apply fertilizer every two weeks until fruit production is complete.

Things You'll Need

  • Strawberry pot
  • Wire mesh
  • Strawberry plants
  • Well-draining potting soil
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Water
  • Wood blocks
  • High-potassium fertilizer


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