How to Plant Container Vegetables


Vegetable gardens are a way to save money at the grocery store and also a healthy way to provide fresh vegetables year round. Any vegetable that can be grown in an outdoor garden can be grown in a container. Container vegetable gardens utilize small spaces including apartment balconies and porches. Nearly any location that gets at least six hours of sunlight a day can be used for container vegetables.

Step 1

Choose a container for your vegetables. Select containers that are 6 to 8 inches in diameter and at least 8 inches deep. Pick a container with drainage holes in the bottom so the plants won't stand in water.

Step 2

Fill the containers about half full with a synthetic or soil-less potting mix. Perlite and peat moss make excellent mediums for container vegetable gardens. Plant your vegetable plants into the pots and fill the other half of the pot with additional potting mix. Plant seeds at a depth of 1/4 to 1/2 inch to ensure quick germination.

Step 3

Mix together 2 cups of 10-20-10 fertilizer in 1 gallon of warm tap water to make a base solution. Combine 2 tbsp. of the base solution with 1 gallon of water to use for daily watering. Water once a week with only water in order to flush out any standing fertilizer. It's best to use a watering can when watering your container vegetables.

Step 4

Place the pots in a location that will get full sun at least six hours a day for better vegetable production.

Things You'll Need

  • Containers
  • Synthetic soil
  • Fertilizer


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