Clever Garden Ideas

If you're tired of the same humdrum flower garden or container garden, use your creativity to design a garden that's a little unusual. Choose an area that receives the required amount of sun and prepare the soil by digging and adding amendments. Your new garden may become the focal point of the neighborhood.

Under the Sea

Mimic the look of an underwater sanctuary with sand, seashells, ceramic fish and succulents. Locate your under-the-sea garden in a container. Many succulents do better in the shade than they do in direct sun. Spread a layer of builder's sand to mimic the floor of the ocean. Add round, smooth rocks and create a path. Use a few larger rocks as boulders. Succulents come in a huge variety. Choose ones that look like coral, sea creatures or sea weed. For example: Pencil cactus looks like coral. Place the succulents close to one another. They grow slowly for the most part and will take awhile to fill in. Arrange ceramic fish swimming among the succulents. Scatter seashells here and there.

Alpine Garden

In a sunny corner of the yard create an alpine garden with rocks and meadow flowers. Poke drainage holes in plastic kitchen bags. Fill with potting soil. Add a small, flowered plant that stays small into the bag. Bury the bags in a stack of large rocks so only the flowers, plants and top of the soil shows through. Plastic pots can be used but they're more difficult to stash between the rocks.

Miniature Garden

Create a miniature garden in a container. Keep all plant selections in proportion with small leaves and tiny flowers. Choose ground covers like moss or baby tears. Add hedges of flowers that grow no more than a few inches high, like alyssum or lobelia. Trim into shape. Add plants with woody stems, like Mexican heather. Trim off the leaves from the bottom stems to resemble trees. Mexican heather has tiny purple flowers, as well. Submerge a clear bowl of water for a pond. Cover the bottom of the bowl with gravel. Add duckweed to the pond. Finish with doll house furniture from a crafts store or make rustic cabins from twigs yourself.

Pun Garden

A fun idea for children and adults is to great a pun garden. Take a word and create a garden around it. Take the word "rabbit." Use plants that have rabbit-like ears, are soft and woolly to stroke and that rabbits like to eat (clover, marigold, dandelion and nasturtiums). Create a rabbit hole. For fun add signs like, "Bunnies Welcome Here."

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