How to Buy Tomato Seeds


The tomato world is large when it comes to buying seed for the many varieties and colors that are available. There are bush types that are determinate, and then there are vining types, which are called indeterminate. Each type has its own growing characteristics. Tomatoes are available in colors like white, green, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple and black. The light-colored varieties are lower in acid content. A seed rack at the garden center cannot possibly offer all the varieties available, and online shopping for tomatoes makes selection and buying easy.

Step 1

Visit growers that specialize in tomatoes on the Internet, such as, and Browse a couple of sites of this type to get an idea of the many varieties, types, colors, prices and information presented by these growers.

Step 2

Select tomato breeds to grow in your own backyard by first deciding on the color and types of tomato that you would like to grow, such as plum, beefsteak, cherry, salad, grape or currant. Review the description of the growing habits, whether the seed is a hybrid or an heirloom and length of days until maturity to decide if this variety is right to grow in your zone.

Step 3

Choose the varieties you wish to purchase and click the button that says "Add to Shopping Cart." Select the button that says "Check Out" when all of your selections have been made. The online seed store will guide you through the process of paying for your purchase.


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