How to Make Your Own Soaker Hose


Because wasteful evaporation and run-off are reduced, drip irrigation is an effective way to irrigate plants. As an added benefit, plant diseases are minimized because the foliage can be kept dry. In the home garden, soaker hoses are the most common way to water, but while soaker hoses are beneficial, they're also expensive. If you have a garden hose that has seen better days, don't toss it in the landfill. Repurpose that old hose and give it new life as a soaker hose.

Step 1

Uncoil the hose and place it on a flat surface. If the hose is old and stiff, it will be easier to manage on a warm day. Remove any dirt from the hose with a damp rag.

Step 2

Poke holes 1 to 2 inches apart on one side of the garden hose, using a large safety pin or a sewing needle. A sewing machine needle or a darning needle are sturdy and won't easily break. If you prefer, you can use a drill with a small bit. The holes must be small, otherwise the water will spray from the holes nearest the faucet, but water pressure will be reduced to the remaining holes. Be careful to make the holes along one side of the hose only. Allow 4 to 6 inches with no holes on each end of the hose.

Step 3

Purchase a plastic or metal hose cap and attach it to the end of the hose. Attach the remaining end of the soaker hose to a spigot. Place the soaker hose in your garden or flower bed with the holes down.

Step 4

Turn the spigot on a fairly low flow and check the soaker hose. The water should be trickling from all the holes. Adjust the flow if too much water is flowing from the soaker hose, or if the water isn't reaching the holes at the end of the hose.

Things You'll Need

  • Old garden hose
  • Damp rag
  • Large safety pin, sewing needle or drill with small bit
  • Plastic or metal hose cap


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