English Ivy Varieties

English ivy (Hedera helix) is the most common type of ivy grown in the United States, according to the University of Florida. Versatile, hardy and fast-growing, with attractive, green or variegated leaves, this plant is a must for home gardeners who need a ground cover for a shady area, or who would like to add a splash of cascading green foliage to a container or hanging basket.

'Gold Child'

'Gold Child' has long, large leaves shaped in the traditional, five-lobed ivy pattern. The lobes are slightly rounded. This variety is popular for the colors of the leaves, which are variegated in bright gold fading to green at the edges. In the center of each golden leaf is a splotch of gray.


'Deltoidea' is often nicknamed "sweetheart ivy" by florists because of the shape of the leaves, which are either solidly heart-shaped or have three lobes that form a shape loosely reminiscent of a heart. The leaves are a solid, bright green.


The 'Glacier' variety is desirable for the triangular shape of its three (sometimes five) lobes and the gray green color of the leaves, which are edged in a creamy white. Sometimes the edges are pink rather than white, according to Clemson University. This ivy looks especially elegant when used in formal flower arrangements and paired with white flowers.


'California' has curly leaves, giving it a "ruffled" appearance. It has a strong branching habit and grows almost as a bush or shrub rather than a creeping vine. The green leaves have five lobes and prominently raised veins.

'Anne Marie'

'Anne Marie' is known for its colorful leaves, which can range in color from bright, apple green to deep red, to gray. All have large, creamy white margins that curl up slightly.

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