Common Bean Seeds

Been seeds can be found in many parts of the world. Some of the most common seeds are found in the Orient, South and Central America and the United States. Many of these seeds have been in use for centuries by various native peoples.

Green Beans

Green beans are a dry field bean. The seeds are white or tan capsules found on bush or vines. Green bean seeds need 60 days to become harvest-ready beans. The plants can produce multiple harvests if the beans are picked as they mature.

Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo bean seed comes from India and is also known as the chickpea. Garbanzo bean seeds require 120 days to reach harvest-ready vegetables. Look for small seeds to produce round, small yellow beans from a bush plant. This seed is mainly used in the Middle East to produce food crops.

Black-eyed Peas

Referred to as both black-eyed peas and cowpeas, this bean seed is used extensively in the southern United States in food preparation. The seeds produce a small round bean with a black spot on a bush plant. The bean is known to be rich in potassium and fiber.

Pinto Beans

The pinto bean seed is grown in Mexico and the southwestern United States. The seed takes three months to produces a brown or tan speckled bean on a bush plant. A close cousin of the pinto bean is the Anasazi bean; this seed produces a red and white speckled bean once used by Native Americans. These beans are a good source of calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

Lima Beans

The seeds for lima beans require a warm soil and hot weather for germination. The lima bean orginates from Peru, a subtropical area in South America. Look for this seed to produce a white to light green bean on either bush plants or vines. These small seeds produce harvest-ready beans in 80 days and are planted later than other bean seeds. Lima bean seeds need well-drained soil to germinate These beans are good for potassium and vitamin A.


Lentil seeds are small disks. Evidence of their use has been found in excavations of archeological sites. These seeds produce small legumes colored brown, red or green. The lentil is high in calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin A.

Navy Beans

This seed produces a large white bean. This is another bean of the field, or dry bean family originally from Central and South America. These beans are high in copper, iron, manganese, magnesium and B1 vitamin.

Kidney Beans

The seeds produce a red kidney-shaped bean. This is a dry bean that originated in Central and South America. These beans are one of the main ingredients of Mexican meals.


The soybean has been in the Orient for thousands of years and only made its way to Europe and America in 1900. Find warm soil for these seeds and plant them near the same time as lima beans. The soybean is full grown after 80 days. Soybeans can be dried, toasted or mashed to form a variety of meals, from tofu to tempeh.

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