The Varieties of Seed Potatoes

On average, Americans consume 125 pounds of potatoes per person per year. Buying potatoes from the grocery store to use as seed potatoes is discouraged. These potatoes are often sprayed with sprout inhibitors and may carry unwanted disease. When buying seed potatoes to grow at home, look for varieties that are labeled as certified seed potatoes. If the seed potatoes have been certified it means they have been inspected for common potato diseases and have been declared disease free.


The russet potato is considered one of the best varieties for baked potatoes. The tubers are long or oblong in shape, with a heavy or netted skin. When purchasing seed potatoes of the russet variety, look for a type that matures early in the season. The Russet norkotah is one such variety.

Yukon Gold

The Yukon gold potato is considered one of the most popular among the yellow-fleshed varieties. It possesses a moist flesh that has a creamier texture than most potatoes. This is considered an advantage for many, especially those counting calories, as the creaminess eliminates the need for calorie-rich additions such as butter or sour cream. The Yukon gold is ready to be harvested early in the growing season and produces large, round tubers.

Green Mountain

The green mountain seed potato is a little more difficult to find than other varieties, due a high rate of misshapen tubers it produces. It has white flesh and rough skin and is a dependable variety to grow during all seasons. The green mountain potato is considered one of the best varieties to use for baked potatoes.


The Viking seed potato is a popular, red-skinned variety. Its flesh is white, and the tubers can be round or oblong in shape. The Viking potato is usually ready for harvest in mid-season and is considered a drought-resistant variety of potato. This makes it a good choice to grow in regions where rainfall is below average.

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