Amaryllis Colors

Amaryllis are trumpet-shaped flowers, which bloom in late fall or winter and can reach up to 10 inches across. A 1- to 2-foot stalk will rise from the bulb and produce two to six flowers. While Amaryllis look like a lilies, they are actually a member of the Amaryllidaceae family and are tropical plants.


Festive red Amaryllis is a popular flower for the Christmas season, and the bulbs are often forced to bloom in time for the holiday. The flowers are forced by tricking the bulbs into flowering first by chilling them, then planting them. Red varieties include 'Pamela' (classic red), 'Merry Christmas,' 'Minerva' (with a white star), 'Red Lion' (deep crimson), 'Pasadena' (with white streaks), 'Suzanne,' 'Baby Star' (miniature with white star) and 'Trixie' (cherry red).

Pink and Peach

The Apple Blossom Amaryllis is so named because of its apple blossom fragrance. Pink and peach varieties include 'Apple Blossom' (peach-pink and white), 'Lady Jane' (rose-pink with white streaks), 'Pink Star' (miniature pink with white star) and 'Doris Lillian' (deep rose-pink).


According to The Nursery at Ty Ty, the Orange Sovereign Dutch Amaryllis is the choice orange flower among Dutch hybridizers. Varieties include 'Bouquet' (salmon orange), 'Orange Sovereign' and 'Rilona' (orange-gold).

Yellow and Green

According to Clemson Extension, a yellow Amaryllis was first discovered in Bolivia in the 1960s and the Dutch hybrid was developed in the 1990s. The yellow and green amaryllis may be more difficult to find than other colors. Varieties include 'Yellow Pioneer' and 'Lemon Star' (greenish cast).


White Amaryllis are also popular holiday flowers. Varieties include 'White Christmas', 'White Giant,' 'Marie Goretti' (frilled edges), 'Picotee' (with red edge), 'Prince Carnival' (with red stripes), 'Fairytale' (miniature with raspberry stripes) and ''Moonlight. Those with fancy edges or stripes are hybrids.

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