Flowers for August

August brings to the garden hot summer days and often a limited amount of moisture to the garden. Many August-blooming flowers are bright with color and unusual textures to ensure a showy display to the garden. They are often drought-tolerant to create an unfussy, low maintenance flower to grow within the garden. Grown in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors, August flowers typically bloom into fall to keep the garden in color.

Japanese Anemone

Japanese anemone (Anemone --- hybrida 'Rosenschale') is a perennial flower that grows in USDA Zones 5 to 7. It grows up to 3 feet in height with a spread of 1 to 3 feet wide. Japanese anemone flowers bloom from August to October, creating a long blooming season. They have a spreading growth habit and moderate to aggressive growth rate. Japanese anemone flowers have solitary pink to purple flowers that are large and sit atop the tall, erect stems. They grow in dappled shade although tolerate full sun. They require nutrient-laden, moist soil but not an overly wet environment.

Showy Stonecrop

Showy stonecrop (Sedum spectabile) is suitable to grow in USDA Zones 4 to 9. It has a clumping growth habit and moderate growth rate. Beginning in August, showy stonecrop produces its attractive pink and white speckled flowers that light up the garden with color. Showy stonecrop has succulent leaves that are blue to green, providing a lush feel to the landscape. Showy stonecrop reaches a maximum height of 3 feet and a spread of 1 to 3 feet. They grow best in full sun to part shade and well-drained soil that is neutral to alkaline. To grow in other areas of the garden, divide showy stonecrop in spring every three to four years. Due to its floppy nature, it might require a stake to prop up the foliage.

Dahlberg Daisy

Dahlberg daisy (Thymophylla tenuiloba) is an annual flower that produces its yellow, daisy-like blossoms in July and August. A low-growing flower, Dahlberg daisy is often used as a groundcover in rock gardens or along a front flowerbed. It grows 6 to 12 inches tall and wide and has a clumping growth habit that also makes it attractive in between paving stones along a garden walkway. Dahlberg daisies have green, needle-like foliage that is fern-like and dissected. A drought-tolerant annual, Dahlberg daisies have a moderate growth rate and attract butterflies to the garden. They require full sun and well-drained soil. Once established, Dahlberg daisies require a low amount of water.

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