Easiest Vegetables to Grow at Home

The easiest vegetables to grow in the home garden are ones that require less water and are disease resistant. When vegetables are grown in well-composted soil they retain water more easily. Compost also adds the nutrients that plants need to grow strong and healthy. Healthy soil creates healthy plants and healthy plants are easier to take care of. There are many varieties of easy vegetables to grow at home.


Zucchini squash tops the list of easy vegetables to grow at home, and it also gives an abundant crop of food. 'Caserta' is a variety that is light green with dark green stripes. Each plant gives dozens of thin, 4 to 7-inch zucchini. This squash plant was an All-American Selection winner in 1949. It thrives in soil that is well-composted for good soil aeration and drainage. Pick zucchini every other day when the plant is producing heavily. It comes to maturity 55 to 57 days after it is planted directly in the ground in late spring or early summer. Successive planting assures a summer long harvest. 'Bennings Green Tint' is an heirloom variety squash. Heirloom vegetables have been passed down through generations without change for at least 50 years. This light green scalloped edge summer squash grows to 4 inches in diameter and comes to maturity in 55 days.


Tomatoes are easy to grow at home when given adequate space. Heirloom varieties grow on 'indeterminate' vines, which mean they continue growing until the end of the season. Vines can reach 8 to 12 feet in height and do best staked or in tomato cages. 'Brandywine', 'Stupice' and 'Purple Russian' are heirloom varieties that many garden centers carry. Tomato plants are heavy feeders and thrive when grown in soil amended with organic compost. The cycle of nutrients available from compost helps create high nutrient levels in the plants. Tomatoes are easily grown as container plants on a patio or walkway. Small varieties such as 'Brown Berry' heirloom cherry tomato do well in small spaces, container gardens or hanging baskets.


Radishes go from ground to table in 28 days. There are varieties such as 'French Breakfast' and 'Misado Rose' that are 2 to 4 inches long and good for slicing into salads. Radish is a successful and easy vegetable plant for children to grow. It likes full sun and plenty of water. Sow radish seeds every two weeks for a continuous supply all summer. 'French Breakfast' is an heirloom variety that was introduced before 1885. Grow radishes easily in small container gardens, window boxes or as an edging to an existing flower bed. As a companion plant radish is mutually beneficial to squash and corn.

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