How to Buy a Ficus Tree


Ficus is a common and beloved group of ornamental trees. A subtropical species, ficus trees are widely used indoors in most climates and outdoors in USDA zone 8 and above. Numerous species and cultivars of ficus are available and all require bright indirect light and moist ambient air to perform at their best. Ficus trees are widely available at garden centers and home improvement stores in a variety of sizes to suit most space, care and cost considerations.

Step 1

Determine the location for your ficus, be it indoors or outdoors. Size up the space available in height and width where you know you can consistently deliver plenty of bright indirect light, water, soil, space and fresh air flow without crowding.

Step 2

Head to the garden center or nursery and select a ficus species that you like in a size that will suit your predetermined space. If you have a large solarium or are planting in the garden, a full size tree may be ideal. If you have a desk in front of a brightly lit window, a small tree or a bonsai ficus may be more suitable. Alternatively, purchase the tree from an online plants dealer and have it delivered to your home or office.

Step 3

Transport the tree home carefully so as not to break off any branches or leaves. Place the tree in its brightly lit location and water, if needed, to make the root ball thoroughly moist but not soaking wet. Allow the plant to acclimate to the new setting for a few weeks to two months, keeping the soil moist.


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