Common American Flowers

From coast to coast and from the plains to various mountain ranges, America thrives with an abundance of flora. Many of these flowers are common in nature such as prairie wildflowers and varieties of rose and daisy. Knowing about these common American flowers allows you the opportunity to introduce them to a patriotic floral garden scene, beautifying your yard.

Black-Eyed Susan

A common biennial flower, black-eyed Susan thrives throughout prairies, open forests and moist ditches across temperate America. The plant produces singular stalks that sprout with sunburst colored flower heads. The dark brown cone in the center gives the flower its name. The foliage of the black-eyed Susan is hairy and rough. Planting black-eyed Susans in your yard proves to be an easy task with these free-blossoming wildflowers. They only require loamy drained soil and direct sunlight.


Native to North America and Central America, the marigold flower thrives in sunny places where it attracts pollinating insects. Often used as a companion plant for its alluring ability to attract bees, the marigold presents itself as a cheerful and attractive common American flower. The plant produces a single tubular stem that sprouts a single grandiose ruffled blossom of deep orange and yellow. Growing marigolds only requires that your garden soil be well-drained and mulched. Plant it near vegetable plants to boost pollination for larger crops.

Mountain Laurel

Native to the Eastern United States, the mountain laurel presents itself as an attractive and common ornamental flowering plant. It is identified by its deep green waxy foliage and its delicate blossoms of white, yellow, pink and purple. The mountain laurel is not only a beautiful flower to add to your garden environment, it's also a historic symbol throughout the United States. It's the namesake of Laurel, Mississippi, and is the state flower of Connecticut.

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