Feature Garden Ideas

Features in the garden benefit you and wildlife by providing color to the landscape and food and shelter for the wildlife you are trying to attract. Features can be created easily, and are not always expensive, giving you a reasonably priced way to change or upgrade the landscape.

Butterfly Garden

Attract butterflies and to give color and height to your landscape with a butterfly garden. The butterflies help pollinate the flowers and other crops, should you have a vegetable garden in your yard. The butterfly garden also attracts birds and other wildlife. Flowers that attract butterflies include buddleja, clover, geraniums, honeysuckle, marigold and mint. Include shelter and hibernation boxes for the butterflies in your garden. The hibernation boxes provide protection from predators during the winter. Attach hibernation boxes to a tree or other shady place near the plants. Plant shrubs or tall ornamental grass near the flowers, to provide the butterflies other shelter from the wind and other elements. Provide an additional food source if you have butterflies such as the mourning cloak, the red admiral or the viceroy. These butterflies feed on rotting fruit. You can make a brew of fermented bananas, plums and pears mixed with stale beer, sugar or molasses to smear on nearby trees. Lubricating the tree with petroleum jelly just under the food keeps ants away

Water Features

Adding sound sound and color to the landscape with water features doesn't have to be expensive. Build a small pond using a large horse-watering bucket and a small pump. Sink the bucket into the ground. Insert the pond pump into the bucket. Build a waterfall out of rocks you find on your property. Run a hose from the pump to the top of the rock waterfall. Provide electric for the pump. Plant foliage around the edges of the bucket-pond to hide the edges and the hose. If the bucket is large enough, you could even plant a water lily or water hibiscus in the pond.


Add hardscape features to the garden by adding a patio, or if you have a patio, add paved walkways or large container gardens to the patio. If you enjoy entertaining outside, you could also add a fireplace to the patio, or a fire pit near a pergola. Build a pergola over the top of a patio. Add flowering, climbing vines to the pergola. Train the vines to grow up and over the top of the pergola for a lush garden area.

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