How to Buy Tulip Bulbs From the Netherlands


Tulips are spring blooming bulbs that are among the first colorful signs that warm weather is on its way. While you can buy tulips at your nursery, they might be domestically grown. Therefore, you might need to purchase tulips that are from the Netherlands (also called Holland) online or through a catalog instead. Tulips grown in the Netherlands usually give you more varieties from which to choose for your home garden.

Step 1

Select an online nursery or catalog that sells imported tulips from the Netherlands. Examples include Tulip World and Van Bourgondien. If you go to your nursery, look for packages that say the bulbs were grown in Holland.

Step 2

Use the National Gardening Association to find out what USDA hardiness zone you live in. You can search there by zip code or find your area on a USDA zone map.

Step 3

Calculate how many tulips you need to buy. Tulips are generally planted about 6 inches apart. Purchase a few more than you think you need just in case some are not plump and firm when they arrive.

Step 4

Choose tulips from the Netherlands that are hardy to your zone. They are best purchased and planted in the autumn when the leaves begin to fall, but you can plant them anytime in the fall, provided the ground is not frozen and still workable.

Step 5

Select tulips not rated to your zone, if desired. If your zone is too warm for the Netherland tulip variety you want, purchase and plant them in late winter or early spring. If your zone is too cold, purchase and plant them in the spring when the ground is workable again.


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Who Can Help

  • Van Bourgondien
  • Tulip World
  • National Gardening Association: USDA Hardiness Zone Finder
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