Flowers Used in Corsages

The corsage is a traditional accessory for formal and semi-formal women's attire, displaying floral accents that accentuate what you're wearing. From pinned corsages to floral wristlets, the flowers used in a corsage vary immensely. Thousands of flowers display striking colors, textures and scents, making it easy to create an attractive and sentimental-looking corsage. From traditional chrysanthemums to exotic blossoms from distant lands, floral corsages offer a world of beauty to those who wear them.


Buckwheat, a small herbaceous flowering annual, provides floral corsages with sprigs of fluffy filler to be placed between large blossoms. Growing buckwheat in your home garden not only provides your yard with splashes of delicate pink and white blooms, it provides you with plenty of the pretty flowers to use in a variety of floral crafts. Buckwheat blossoms replace flowers like baby's breath when used in a corsage, making for a feminine and attractive wearable piece.


Commonly called simply "mum," the chrysanthemum flower is a popular flower for corsages. Traditional, feminine and colorful, the mum flower varies in color from white to deep purple, with virtually every color in between. It grows as an attractive garden flower during the late spring and summer seasons in temperate climates, making it readily available for use by home floral crafters.


The daisy, a common garden flower found throughout the world, thrives in moist soil and springtime temperatures. Varieties such as the Gerbera daisy have several rows of colorful, velvety petals that surround a sunburst center. Daisies make attractive center blossoms for corsages, whether they're pinned to the front of a dress or strapped to the wrist. Daisy colors span the entire color spectrum, with several interesting variations.


A member of the water lily family, the lotus blooms grandiosely, with striking colors of ivory white, bubblegum pink and bright canary yellow. A truly exotic and sensual flower, the lotus presents itself as a fabulous focal point for any type of wearable corsage. It makes for an attractive piece when the decor has a tropical theme such as a luau or a semi-formal summertime occasion.

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