Spring Flowers for Bouquets

Spring flowers vary in color, texture, scent and size, making bouquet arranging a hobby of endless variations. Spring flowers for bouquets can be long and slender, like snapdragons, or free-flowing and foliate, like climbing roses. Regardless of the type of bouquet you're making, a plethora of colorful and aromatic flora awaits your spring bouquet needs.


Also known as the naked lady, amaryllis presents itself as a grand and colorful spring bulb flower. It blooms throughout late spring, summer and early fall in temperate climates making a beautiful garden flower for a home landscape. When introduced to bouquets, amaryllis flowers add a touch of exotic beauty to the arrangement, with their wide-opened lily-like blossoms.


A popular spring flower, the carnation thrives in well-drained soil and partial sunlight. It's a hardy, herbaceous perennial that beautifies bouquets and floral arrangements when mixed with a variety of other flowers. Carnations vary in color from white to deep black-red, with virtually every hue in between. The frilly, puff-like petals of the carnation possess a light floral scent and the foliage is spring-green, making it an attractive flower to use in floral crafts such as bouquets and centerpieces.


Bouquets benefit from a hydrangea's grandiose appearance. The thick, billowy texture of the spiked flower of the hydrangea resembles a sort of beefed-up snapdragon, varying in color from white to deep purple, with virtually every other color in between. A spring flower that thrives in loamy soil throughout temperate climates, the hydrangea adds beautiful and colorful accents to bouquets that are aromatic and decorative.

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