List of Climbing Roses

Roses are a favorite with home gardeners and professionals alike. Climbing roses are desirable for their ability to grow up and over fences, arbors or trellises, creating a blooming screen. The name is a misnomer, however, because climbing roses do not climb as vines do. Rather, they have exceptionally long canes that need to be attached to a support structure. Fragrant, long-blooming and distinctively beautiful, these classic flowers can range widely in size, style, shape and color.

"The Fairy"

"The Fairy" is a small climbing rose with slender, graceful canes and petite, deep-pink flowers. This is a good climbing rose for training over an arching structure, although it does not have a scent. "The Fairy" is also desirable for its long blooming period, which lasts from May through to early fall. This climbing rose grows best in United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) hardiness zones 5 though 9.

"New Dawn"

"New Dawn" is a classic climbing rose. Its large, light-pink flowers are so pale as to almost appear white in color, and it will bloom continuously throughout the summer with proper care and deadheading. The rose is also very fragrant and features canes that can reach a maximum height or length of 20 feet. "New Dawn" grows best in USDA zones 5 through 9.


"Lamarque" is a favorite in southern gardens, but will not grow in locations colder than USDA zone 7. The beautiful, double-petaled flowers are white in color and very fragrant. This climbing rose will bloom all summer long and well into the fall as long as the weather stays warm enough.

"Don Juan"

"Don Juan" is a climbing rose for the true romantic. This vigorous climber features deep, velvety-red flowers with a strong fragrance. The hips are bright orange, adding interest to the garden in the fall. "Don Juan" grows best in USDA zones 6 through 11.


"America" is distinctive in two important ways. First, it is cold-hardy, thriving in USDA zones 4 through 9. Secondly, the color is outstanding. The blooms are a peachy-orange color and appear to almost glow in the sun. The flowers are fragrant and will bloom all summer long.

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