How to Water Bermuda Grass in the Winter


A warm season grass, Bermuda grass is a popular choice in golf courses, sports fields and in the home lawn. It is commonly grown from Maryland to Florida and as far west as Texas. However, with good irrigation, Bermuda grass can grow even further west, all the way to California. While the Bermuda grass needs regular watering during the growing season, little care is needed in the winter when the grass goes dormant.

Step 1

Slow down watering Bermuda grass in the fall to about once every five to six days. Water in the morning or evening when the soil will retain the most water.

Step 2

Stop watering in the winter when grass begins to turn yellow. At this time, many homeowners plant annual rye grass on top of the Bermuda grass to grow green during the winter season. The rye grass will die in the spring just when the Bermuda grass starts to turn green.

Step 3

Start to water your Bermuda grass again in the spring when it begins to grow again. Water every three days by hand or with a sprinkler with about ½ to 1 inch of water (test with empty cans placed in different areas around your lawn). Grass grown in the sun and in clay or sandy soils need more water, while grass that grows in rich, loamy soil and in the shade needs less water.


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