Landscaping Ideas for Fences

When you consider your landscaping design, consider installing fences. Decide if you wish to have a privacy fence, or a decorative fence. Fences come in a large variety of sizes, colors, shapes and materials. Purchase the proper sized fence for the landscaping. You may install the fence yourself, or hire a fence installer, depending upon your skills and your fence selection.

Surrounding Gardens

Surround the different gardens on your landscaping with fences. Select a variety of fencing--for example, a small white wire fence and a medium-sized black fence. Install one fence around all flowerbeds, and a different fence around your vegetable garden. Perhaps, you wish to install a small fence around trees, and fill in the area between the tree and the fence with mulch for an added decorative touch to your landscaping. Consider all areas on your landscaping when deciding what to surround with a fence.

Surrounding Pools

Enclose your pool area with a fence. This provides privacy for the swimmers as well as decoration for your landscaping. When deciding on what fence to install, take into consideration the height and width of the pool. You may wish to hire a contractor to install a privacy fence around your pool. Typically, fences around a pool have a door, allowing for easy access to the pool, yet keeping the area to the pool fenced off.

Privacy Fences

A privacy fence blocks your property from the view of neighbors or traffic as well as adding an attractive element to your landscape. When deciding on incorporating a privacy fence into your landscaping design, consider where to install the fence--for example, around the entire lawn or on one side of the lawn. For a seamless look, paint the fence to match the color of your home.


Incorporate a small decorative fence along the entrance of your home--curbside. Do not install the decorative curbside fence in front of a curbside mailbox; instead leave the area around the mailbox fence-free. A curbside fence provides you a place to hang seasonal decorations.

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