How to Use Solar Lighting for a Garden Area


Illuminating your garden at night is a great way to bring ambiance to your yard. With many different ways to light up your garden, you need to decide which method is best for you. Two of the most common methods are low voltage lighting and solar lighting. Low voltage lighting provides constant lighting every night. It can be expensive to install and it also requires ample underground wiring. Solar lighting is very popular because no wiring is needed. The only drawback is solar lighting requires ample bright light during the day to recharge its internal batteries. However, most gardens require ample light for the plants to thrive. If you have enough light for your plants, you should have enough to use solar lighting in your garden area.

Step 1

Decide where you want to locate your solar lights. Try to locate them in an area that receives several hours of direct sunlight per day. The brighter the light, the faster they will charge during the day. They will also last longer in the evening when it gets dark.

Step 2

Pick out a style of solar lights that suit your garden. Some styles include hanging lights that can be suspended in the air, patio lights that can line garden beds or walkways, and unique statues or other decorative items.

Step 3

Install your solar lights in you garden. Patio lights come with included stakes that you push into the ground. Hanging lights can be hung from hooks or wire. Unique decorative lights typically sit on the ground in your garden.


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