Water Landscaping Ideas

Ponds, pools and fountains are all beautiful additions to an outdoor space, but they aren't necessarily original. There are many more water elements beyond these most common options that you can use in your landscaping--ideas that may fit your landscape more appropriately.


Waterfalls, and water walls, whether they are large or small, create an aural and visual addition to a landscape. They can be expensive to install, but they can be worth the trouble. Waterfalls can empty into other water elements in a landscape, such as ponds or pools.


If you want a larger, more dramatic water feature, add a waterwheel to your landscape. You will need a more elaborate water set up, such as a creek with enough force to push the wheel forward. Additionally, you could use the waterwheel as a part of a Rube Goldberg-like water element in your garden with the water causing other things to occur, such as bamboo tipping features.

Rain Chains

If you are looking to create a more economical water feature in your landscape, install a rain chain. Rain chains are a good replacement for downspouts and are chains that hang from the top of a building and channel the rain downward from the roof in a beautiful display. Metals that don't rust are typically used for rain chains. Copper is often used.

Reflecting Pools

Reflecting pools are a dramatic addition to any landscaped space. These pools add a sense of serenity to the outdoor environment while enhancing the beauty of other nearby landscaping features due to the mirror image that the pool creates. The keys to making a reflecting pool do its job well are a high contrast between the color of the pool's lining and features it is to reflect. A dark lining paired with a light object is the best combination.

Water Barrel

The first thing that you may think of when you think of a water barrel is something bright, big and plastic. You don't need to use a plastic barrel, though, to collect the rain. Instead, choose a more aesthetically pleasing design, such as a rustic basin or a water-proofed wooden barrel.

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