Small-House Landscaping Ideas

With any size home, small or large, creating a design is essential in personalizing the space while ensuring you don't cram too many items into the yard. You want to create an open feel around a small home, not overpower the yard. By strategically placing plants and flowers around the landscape, you can make the small space seem more open and enhance the overall feel of the home.

Perennial Border

Perennial flowers are long-lasting varieties of blooms that bring beauty to a small house. They require a one-time planting to continue to bloom year after year. To help frame a small area without taking up too much space, plant a perennial border along an existing fence or flanking one or all sides of the house. Use a fence or garden wall as the backdrop for a long-blooming border of perennial flowers or create your own border using a mix of tall flowers. Borders are attractive from any angle of the home and will free up space in front of the home for features like paths or steps. In the back of the border, grow taller perennial flowers like Russian sage and coreopsis. Low-growing plants, such as creeping thyme, phlox and sedum, are ideal for the front of the bed and tend to creep and meander around the garden. On the ends of the border, grow tall perennials like hibiscus and hollyhocks for a showy garden display.

Vine-Covered Lattice

You can create intimate areas within the small landscape by using lattice as a makeshift screen. Lattice helps to create privacy within a small space without taking up real estate on the ground. Place the lattice in a cozy corner of the landscape or along the side of a backyard patio to create an intimate outdoor living area. Lattice also provides a medium for growing creeping vines, which add a layer of vibrancy to the garden. Creeping vines like Carolina jasmine are hardy plants that grow vigorously to cover the lattice in no time. The trumpet-shaped fragrant yellow flowers sit atop the wiry evergreen stems that can reach a height of 20 feet. Spring-blooming Carolina jasmine retains its colorful foliage year-round, an added bonus to the lattice and landscape.

Water Feature

Water features bring music to the garden with their trickling, cascading sounds. They come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate small landscapes. Container fountains are an ideal type of water feature because they don't overpower a small house but provide a visually stimulating effect. Made from materials like stone, terra-cotta and metal, water features look lovely tucked into a perennial bed or border or nestled at the entrance of the home to greet friends and neighbors.

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