Spring Landscaping Ideas

Gardeners often look hopefully toward the first warm days of spring as their chance to leave the winter doldrums behind. Spring flowers are the first flowers of the year and very welcome after the dreary days of winter. Begin your spring garden even earlier by starting seeds inside.

Early Spring

Plant the bed with snowdrops, grape hyacinths and crocus for very early spring blooming. Use ice pansies to cover the ground until the bulbs start growing. The pansies will start flowering just as the early spring flowers stop flowering. Place a witch hazel bush in the middle of the bed. The flowers have long, ribbon-like petals that unfurl when the weather is warm and retract when it's cold.

Easter Basket

Easter comes the first Sunday after the first full moon after the first day of spring, so it's no earlier than March 22 and no later than April 25. Transform the flower bed into a living Easter basket. Mark off the Easter basket using sphagnum moss held in place with u-shaped wire pins. Plant tall tulips in the center of the basket surrounded by shorter daffodils ringed by crocus. Plant a ground cover of sweet alyssum over the bulbs. Edge the basket with fairy primroses. Add a ceramic bunny or chick and a few plastic eggs filled with rocks so they don't blow away. Add a basket handle using twisted grapevine.

Monochrome Beds

Pastels are the colors of spring. Plant a flower bed using just pink, only yellow or entirely purple. For example, plant yellow pansies, snapdragons, daffodils and primroses. Or try purple stock, violas and lobelia. Pink is a common color for spring flowers. Use pink giant stock, English daisies and Gerbera daisies.


Change your birdbath into a planter. If the birdbath has seen better days and is a bit leaky, transform it into a spring planter. Fill it with flowers in the center that grow tall, such as snapdragons or Icelandic poppies. Add a ruffle of bacopa to drape over the sides. If the birdbath doesn't have a leak and you want to continue to use it as a birdbath, fill it with potted plants. Pots of tulips in full bloom make a stunning display.

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