How to Sow Pepper Seeds


Peppers, from green bell peppers to the hot habanero chili pepper, prefer soils that are 80 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer to germinate properly. Because of the high temperature needed, many gardeners prefer to start pepper seeds indoors and transplant the growing plants to the garden when the soil has reached the proper temperatures. In the southern portions of the United States, many gardeners choose to sow peppers directly in the garden after all danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed appropriately.

Step 1

Create a sowing trench 1/4 inch deep in the prepared garden space using the handle end of a hoe or rake.

Step 2

Plant one pepper seed every 3 to 6 inches in the row.

Step 3

Cover the seeds with 1/4 inch of soil. Water the area with a garden hose to moisten the soil slightly deeper than the seed is planted.

Step 4

Thin the seedlings to one plant every 12 inches after the seedling have developed their primary leaves. Choose the strongest, healthiest plants to keep in the row.

Things You'll Need

  • Prepared garden space
  • Hoe
  • Garden hose


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