Ideas for Flower Planters

Planters serve as a decorative element on a deck, patio or terrace. These containers also function as a home for a variety of plants in an outdoor living space. Flower planter selection begins with determining the root spacing needs of the plant. Planters must also hold enough soil to provide sufficient support for flowers and provide good drainage to limit the chance of root rot.

Wooden Planters

Wooden planters add flexibility to the landscape because this type of planter tends to be larger than the typical round pot. Homeowners incorporate wooden planters into a deck design or add these features on patios. Wood is a sturdy material that develops a mellow patina with weathering. Attach a section of lattice to the back of a wood planter to support container-grown roses or an annual vine plant. Use large wooden planters for dwarf shrubs or perennial plants to bring garden foliage and flowers into an outdoor living space.

Plastic Planters

These tough flower planters last a long time on the porch, patio or deck. Heavy-gauge plastic allows potting soil to remain inside the planters and adequately support the weight of the soil. Plastic planters are a versatile addition to the garden. Place planters right in the garden bed to add interest to a plain garden. These planters come in a host of sizes, shapes and colors to suit the color scheme of your patio or deck. The best flower planters have drainage holes placed every 5 to 6 inches on the pot bottom and an attached drainage tray to limit damage to surfaces from drainage.


Trough flower planters use a standard horse, cow or sheep watering trough as planting containers. Troughs are usually made from poured concrete fashioned in a rectangular shape. The trough features a scooped-out center suitable for planting annual and perennial flowers. Troughs are typically made of porous material that pulls water away from plant roots. If you choose to create a trough flower planter, fill it with water to determine the speed of drainage. Drill a few holes into the bottom if the trough drains slowly. Since troughs are hard to find on farms, nurseries sell these beautiful containers made from weathered concrete materials.


Half-barrel wooden planters serve as a large flower planter that can host a variety of plants. Barrels can house small shrubs, trees or a mixed container garden of perennial and annual flowers. Sink a barrel halfway down into the soil of an existing garden bed to add an interesting mini-garden inside a flowerbed. This versatile planter also serves well as a small water-garden container.

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