Outside Landscaping Ideas

Many options exist for landscaping, from the relatively inexpensive to the very high end and from the simple to the elaborate. From water elements to winding pathways to swings to plants, your garden space can be a true extension of your home if you choose the elements that best suit your individual taste.

Water Elements

From waterfalls to koi ponds to gurgling fountains, water features add an extra dimension to a landscape design. Water elements don't need to be expensive. Choose a small urn fountain or create a little pond in a corner somewhere in your outdoor space.

Formal Garden

Create a formal garden for your landscaping if you wish to create a more stately outdoor space. Formal gardens have symmetry and use geometric patterns, so as long as you follow those principles, you don't need a large amount of landscaping space. Consider matching squares, circles or rectangular plots with paved paths in between the patches of greenery.

Stone and Rock Elements

Garden boulders make a dramatic statement in a landscape and also give a garden a more natural feel. Other rock elements can be included in a garden as well, for example, a flat rock fireplace, winding natural stone path or garden edging made from round stones. Rock, too, can be used in combination with a water element, such as the edging for a pond or the backing for a waterwall or waterfall.

Edible Garden Patches

Consider planting a section of garden in your landscape of completely edible foods. Consider making a few patches sectioned off by type. For example, make one patch a root vegetable garden, make another an herb garden and a third patch a non-root vegetable garden, filled with lettuces, tomatoes and peppers.

Container Gardens

If you want a more modular arrangement for your landscaping, consider using container plants. Don't think that you are limited to flowers in the containers. From ivy to ornamental trees to grasses, that plants you can pick are only limited by the size of your container. Using containers is also a good idea if you want to include warmer climate plants in your garden that might need to be taken indoors for the winter.

Swings, Benches and Hammocks

To make a landscaped space hospitable, consider paths leading to a hammock, benches or swings. To add more privacy to these spaces, locate them behind a tree or bushes, so that they are only visible once you get far down the path that leads to them.


Plant a small, meditation-style maze. The point of such a maze is not for those in the maze to get lost along various paths. Instead, the point is meditation. The path, a compact, circular design, has no forks. Instead, it leads walkers on a curving path that takes them first in and then out of the maze. Use any sort of plant that you like since the maze doesn't need to be tall. Even ankle-high flowers can do the trick.

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