How to Arrange a Dozen Roses in a Vase


Roses are one of the more popular flower arrangements to give to loved ones, but this does not mean that you have to wait around for someone to give them to you. If you love arrangements of roses, you can create your own. Buy the basic flowers you need or grow your own, and you can have a wonderful arrangement without the wait.

Step 1

Trim the bottom of the stems of the roses and ferns, or other greenery, up to the length that you want. The height you trim them to is based on the height of the vase you are going to put them in. The roses should be almost twice as tall as the vase. Make two or three of the twelve taller than the rest for the center of the arrangement. Trim the stem at an angle with scissors or snips.

Step 2

Cut the lower leaves off of the rose stems and ferns so that no leaves will sit in the water.

Step 3

Fill the vase half full of water.

Step 4

Add ferns to the vase around the outer edge. This will be a border for the roses. Slide the ferns, or other greenery, into the vase at an angle. As you put each one in, turn the vase so that you are working them into a circle. The stems at the bottom will cross each other.

Step 5

Slip roses into place in between the crisscrosses of the fern. This pattern will hold the roses in place and keep them relatively upright. Put taller roses toward the middle and shorter ones near the edge.

Step 6

Add other greenery or plants if you like. A popular addition is baby's breath.

Things You'll Need

  • Knife or scissors
  • Vase
  • Water
  • Ferns or other greenery


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