Tips for Growing Strawberry Seeds Indoors Cheaply

The strawberry is a favorite fruit---and also an ideal addition to the home garden, whether indoors or outdoors. When growing strawberries from seeds indoors, don't worry about climate, weather or foraging animals. Inexpensive alternatives exist as well as precautions to ensure your crop survives and you don't end up wasting money.


Since strawberries have such shallow roots, grow them in almost any sort of container with the proper soil and watering. While hanging baskets are a popular choice, try a cheaper alternative by using plastic paint trays from a local hardware store or cans. The key is to make sure they have proper drainage holes. Create drainage holes by hammering nails through the bottom, then pulling them out. Add small pieces of screen over these holes to prevent soil erosion.


Two main types of strawberry seeds exist: June-bearing (only grow in June) and Alpine (ever-bearing). Alpine strawberry seeds are ideal because they consistently produce, do not depend as much on sunlight and they don't spread out---so when growing indoors, you don't have to worry about needing a lot of space. Choose these seeds when growing them indoors to spend less money on materials and more seeds.

Freeze Seeds

Freeze strawberry seeds for at least two weeks before planting. This will yield better results with your strawberry plants, cutting back on costs in the future for more seeds or materials. Freezing the seeds encourages them to germinate more successfully, as the cold temperature mimics dormancy.

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