Drought Tolerant Perennial Plants

Conserving water during landscape maintenance is a smart move for homeowners. Choosing drought tolerant perennial plants offer another dimension to water conservation. Drought tolerant plants have natural tolerance to dry conditions and still thrive as decorative additions in the home landscape. Amend the soil with plenty of organic material such as compost or peat moss to support drought tolerant perennials. This increases the ability of the plant to survive in difficult conditions.


This drought resistant perennial produces a lovely, daisy-like lavender blooms throughout the summer. Different cultivars also produce pink or white blooms. The center of the echinacea flower ranges from magenta to bright yellow and contrasts perfectly with the lighter colored flower petals. Flower petals droop gently backward from the center. This herbaceous perennial reaches up to 3 feet high and grows best in fertile soil with good drainage. Echinacea likes full sun to partial shade locations. Echinacea tolerates drought conditions as long as the gardener provides rich, organic soil to support this beautiful plant.

Sedum Stonecrop

Sedum offers the typical thick foliage of a drought tolerant perennial. The thick, medium green leaves house moisture to help the sedum survive through drought conditions. Sedum is a drought-tolerant perennial groundcover that reaches a mature height of 4 inches. Flowers appear as pink or reddish pink tight clusters in mid-summer for a three-week period of time. Sedum prefers full sun to partial shade and tolerates heat extremely well provided soil is enriched organically. The mature plant will thrive in well-drained soil to produce a dense mat of succulent foliage. Gardeners can enjoy the benefits of this beautiful plant in growing zones 3 to 8.

Butterfly Weed

Butterfly weed serves a dual purpose in the garden. This plant is extremely drought tolerant and also attracts wildlife to your home landscape. Butterfly weed produces up to 3-foot high stalks coated with soft fuzz. The flowers appear in mid summer in a brilliant orange and yellow blend. Butterfly weed flowers last throughout the summer until early fall. Foliage alternates as single, elongated leaves up a center stem up to 4 inches long. Butterfly weed is hardy in zones 4 through 10 and prefers the full sun location in the garden. This plant will tolerate poor soils but thrives in rich, organic soils. Butterfly weed may self-seed after flower production. To avoid spreading, clip back spent flower heads to prevent the plant from producing seeds.

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