Vegetables to Grow in December

Gardeners who want to extend their season during winter months have the opportunity with a variety of vegetables. Vegetables can be grown in December by using various methods including greenhouses. cold frames and indoor gardening.

Indoor Vegetables

Vegetables that can be grown indoors can be grown in December. These varieties include bush beans, endive, radishes, small carrots or beets, Swiss chard and spinach. Use starter boxes to start the seeds; move the seedlings to larger individual containers when they are large enough.

Early-Start Spring Vegetables

Spring vegetables can be started in December. Seed boxes can be started for vegetables such as peppers, eggplant and tomatoes should be started six to eight weeks ahead of transplanting into the garden. Many bean varieties including snap beans, pole beans and Lima beans can be started indoors at this time to be ready for spring planting outdoors.


Garlic and onion can be sown around mid-December to late-December when grown in seed boxes and greenhouses according to the National Vegetable Society. Use cold frames to keep the frost off if the crops are planted directly in the ground.

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