Quickest Growing Vegetables

Many non-gardeners have the idea that producing food from your own plot is a project that takes an entire summer season. While some plants do take months to produce results, many are ready to pick in a matter of weeks. These plants are very good for impatient children first learning to garden and people wanting to fill in a space after the main crop has been harvested.


The radish is one of the quickest vegetables to produce food ready to harvest. This bulbous veggie is ready in as little as three weeks, and rarely takes more than four weeks to harvest. Radishes come in many shapes and sizes, with flavors ranging from pungent to mild.


Leaf lettuce comes in dozens of different flavors and colors, from bright red sails to the smaller oak ;eaf. All leaf lettuces can be harvested as soon as the leaves are large enough to eat. Pick lettuce leaves every two or three days and your plant will continue to produce until the summer hot weather arrives.


Spinach is a vegetable high in iron, and a tasty addition to many traditional dishes. Spinach pie and spinach salad are just two of the many dishes that you can make with this versatile veggie. Most varieties are ready for the first picking after about 40 days, and will continue to produce for weeks after the first harvest.


Cucumbers are a staple in the summer garden, and a popular salad vegetable for home gardeners. These vines can be direct-seeded into the garden as soon as the soil has warmed and all danger of frost has passed, and many varieties are ready to pick in about 50 days.

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