How to Spread Lawn Fertilizer


Lawn fertilizers are used to adjust the pH level of the soil and give the grass the nutrients that it needs to live. They come in liquid and granular forms and are spread over the lawn so that all areas get the same food. Liquid fertilizers are more immediate in feeding the soil, but granules can be designed to release over time, providing a longer feeding period. How they are spread depends on the form, but both are easy to disburse with relative ease.

Step 1

Select a fertilizer that is best for your lawn. Fertilizers come in different mixes so that you can adjust the pH level of your soil to what you need. Test the soil to determine the level. Grass grows best at 6.0 or higher.

Step 2

Take handfuls of granular fertilizer and toss it over an area of the lawn. Keep doing this as you slowly move across the yard. Go back over the lawn a second time, tossing the fertilizer in a different direction so that you form a criss-cross pattern. Wear gloves to protect your hands.

Step 3

Load the granules into a seed and fertilizer spreader. Make sure the dispenser is closed while you load the chemicals, or they will just pour onto the ground.

Step 4

Open the bottom of the spreader and start pushing it across the lawn. The wheels of the spreader will spin a slotted disk at the bottom of the machine. The fertilizer flows through the slot and is flung across the lawn as the disk rotates. The knob that opens the bottom of the spreader can be adjusted so that more or less can come out.

Step 5

Fill a spray container with liquid fertilizers and add water if it is required. Spray the lawn with the liquid, making sure to coat the grass evenly. Try not to step where you have already sprayed.

Step 6

Attach the fertilizer canister to a garden hose and turn the water on. Some fertilizers are mixed with water as it comes out of the hose. This is one of the easier ways to spread fertilizer because it doesn't require any equipment that most individuals don't already have.

Things You'll Need

  • Fertilizer
  • Spreader
  • Gloves


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